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What do you and Dani have in common? You said that there is a lot of Dani in you and that someone ev

There is much of Dani in me, but there is also a lot that isn’t. Many things about her biography happened to me. We were both born in Israel to a big warm family that is very much involved in Israeli security. We both met our husbands in the Special Forces; and we both believe in love. I live in California, just as Dani did. I also love fashion and think that the Kawasaki Ninja is such a magnificent work of art, I’d place it in my living room if possible… Like Dani, I do own a black Ninja. And, oh yes, I also have a Dylan at home ;)

But that is where the similarities end. I would never have the courage to go through such drastic measures in order to change my life and find peace. I’m pretty sure she has much more courage then I ever would.

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