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You mention the Mossad in your book. How much of that is fiction?

I honestly don’t know. Even though I could have found people to interview, I made a conscious decision not to. I wanted the book to be purely fiction and not based on other people’s experiences. For example, the all-powerful Amos, powerful to the point that he could ‘erase people’ – make them disappear if they interfered with his work – I’m pretty sure that in real life it doesn’t quite work that way. I’m sure the head of Mossad is required to obtain countless authorizations in order to make someone “disappear.” Another situation where I’m sure things work differently in the ‘real world’ is when Dani was so easily deposited into her alias undercover job, without the proper preparations. I have a hard time believing the Mossad would let that happen. But for my story, she had to get in there rather quickly, so I took creative license in that regard. Then there’s the issue of an operative expected to have sex with her mark. There was an article not too long ago in an Israeli newspaper about Mossad women operatives. One of the operatives in the article said that they would never be asked to have sex with their mark – I don’t know if that’s true or not – could be that she said that just for the public’s concern, but if it is true – well Amos didn’t get that memo…

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